two months……


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I know.  It’s been two months.  I do have an excuse though…sort-of.

We decided to move, so we bought a new house and sold our current one.  So I’ve been crrraaaazzzy busy.  We’re not moving far, but we’ll be exchanging our suburban life for something with a much more rural feel.  I’m looking forward to it.  I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to not having neighbours stare at me when I take outfit pics.  Ha!

Anyway, this dress is a new one from Modcloth.  LOVE.  Blazer is my stand-by one from Dynamite.  Wedges are from winners and the tote is from Target.  I will fully admit to full-on copying the ever-elegant Laura from Laura Wears with my necklace.  I may also have kinda copied her cute striped dress.  ;)

I love the fit and flare silhouette – I was just chatting about it with a co-worker today, and we both agree that it’s such a comfortable and flattering look….perfect for hiding a bit of mummy-tummy (and well, also the 10 lbs I’ve put on while eating my feelings through house stress over the last couple of months….back to the weights routine for me).


Dress – Modcloth (Size L), Blazer – Dynamite (Size L, similar, similar), Shoes - Marc Fisher, Tote – Target, Necklace – Osolee.

why yes, it HAS been a while


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Apologies peeps….sometimes things happen in real-life that make it impossible to commit to blog life.  Nothing bad!  Just very, insanely busy.  Will update you guys with more info on some changes a bit later, but in the meantime, here is an outfit.  I wore this one to a playdate with friends (champagne Monday, if you will, while taking advantage of the holiday earlier this week).

I’ll be back in force next week.  :)

purple jeans, lace shirt, beige jacket, wedge sandals

Shirt – Love21 (Size M, same), Jacket – Ricki’s (Size 8, similar-ish, similar), Pants – Gap (Size 6, same), Shoes – Marc Fisher (Size 7.5, same but brown, similar, similar), Ostrich tote – Target (same – only in stores), necklaces – old/heirloom.  Sunglasses – stolen from hubs.

PS – do you like my neighbour’s dandelion crop?  hehe.  I could be all arrogant, but the truth is, my lawn is just as bad, except we try to mow more often.

I also have to show you my new pants (you’ll notice it’s actually the same outfit as in the lilac jeans post….just with different pants.  I’m part of a great group of women from all across the country; we came together because we were all expecting around the same time (April 2012) and in the ensuing 18+ months we’ve known each other, we’ve become quite close.  Aside from babies, we’re always chatting about clothing. One of the members spotted these cute 7s at a thrift store, and figured that even though they didn’t fit her, they’d probably fit someone in the group, so she shared them, and then sent them off to my friends and I (there are three of us who are like stairsteps, in terms of size….just an inch or two apart).

travelling pants - part 1

I was the lucky winner of the $10 pair of travelling pants and I’m super stoked!  They fit great, and are a fabulous deal.  I just need to get a bit of a hem done, because I’m a shortie.  :)

And the litmus test of any pair of jeans, the butt.

travelling pants - part 2


Don’t mind the various child paraphernalia…..I really should be a neater about taking pics inside.

colour block dress & red blazer


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I had an excellent shopping trip earlier this week where I picked up a ton of stuff mostly for hubs, and some for the girls.  It might make me selfish, but I’m always on the lookout for clearance-type deals on stuff for myself.  I had great luck at Mexx for hubs, and as I said on Thursday, all of the reduced items were an additional 40% off.  That made this dress, which had an initial price of $110, ring in at $36.  I really liked the colour blocking, and it fits well too (disclosure – I had to get hose on the way to work, so this pic is hose-free.  High-rise control top hose always smoothes things out a bit.

I totally look weird here. I swear this dress is not as wrinkly in real life.

colour block mexx dress

I decided to go bold with a red blazer and chunky gold jewellery and my leopard cap-toe pumps (was debating between these ones and my black ones).

colour block mexx dress red blazer

Dress – Mexx (Size 8, same – 40% off this price in store), Blazer – Dynamite (Size L, same in different colours, similar, similar), Necklace – Forever21 (similar), Bracelet – Forever21 (same), Shoes – Payless (Size 7, similar).

teeny tiny touch of neon


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You know the adage that if you were around for and can remember the first iteration of a trend, then you’re probably too old to partake in its next appearance?  I can’t help but feel that with neon.

I remember being about 10 years old, and we went to a family wedding in the States.  We visited Washington DC, and while I have a vague recollection of Lincoln Memorial, driving by the White House and the Washington monument, the thing that excited me more than ANYTHING was that I got a whole bunch of super bright neon clothing.

Political education?  Whatever!  I was all about the neon (for the record, I actually am not a complete political ignoramus and even served as a tour guide at Parliament Hill and I’m a total news junkie).  hehe

So that being said, you can imagine my wariness vis-à-vis the current neon trend.  I just can’t get behind even the smaller touches (like the ubiquitous j crew yellow shoes) because it’s SO not me.  So when I spotted this shirt on clearance at Mexx (bonus: 40% off reduced items in-store), with its subtle pops of chartreuse, I thought it would be the perfect gentle appearance of neon for me.  I also love all the colours in the shirt that I can pull from, so I think I’ll be able to wear this in a wide variety of ways.  And versatility makes me happy.

navy skirt neon print top black shoes

I don’t normally take too many photos of an outfit, because as I’ve mentioned quite a few times before, I’m REALLY not a model.  But I like the back of this shirt, so even though you can see my back fat (ugh…time for more workouts and less wine?), I’m sharing.  I like how the silk stops (with a nice button detail) and then it’s just plain gray.  Also, this clearly shows that it would have been prudent for me to iron my skirt.  Note to self for next time.

navy skirt, neon print top black shoes

Shirt – Mexx (Size 8, same – 40% off this price in stores), Skirt – Mexx (Size 12, similar), Belt – Dynamite (Size L, similar), Necklace – Tiffanys (same), Bracelet – Forever21 (same), Shoes – Vince Camuto (Size 8, similar).

Thanks for reading!  Are you trepidatious of neon?

colour of the year


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For a long time, I didn’t think I could wear green. Over the years, however, I’ve come to realize that green isn’t bad for me at all, depending on the shade. I personally love emerald and mint, and lucky for me, the former was named Pantone’s colour of the year, and the latter is popping up everywhere.

I last wore this green dress for a date night with hubs, and I really wanted to see if I could make it appropriate for work (it being strapless and hence not at all appropriate for work). This is one of those rare times where I’m thankful for being relatively small-busted, because that means I can generally pull off slightly lower necklines than a busty woman because I really have no cleavage to speak of. I was also careful to keep the blazer on and closed all day, because I didn’t think it would be appropriate to be sitting at my desk in a strapless dress.

I love how fresh the green looks with the taupe blazer. Totally different than the first time I wore it!

green dress khaki blazer nude pumps

Dress – Jacob (Size 12, similar, similar, similar, similar), Blazer – Ricki’s (Size 8, similar), Shoes – Spring (Size 8, similar), Necklace – Etsy (same seller), Bracelet – ASOS (same).