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Apologies peeps….sometimes things happen in real-life that make it impossible to commit to blog life.  Nothing bad!  Just very, insanely busy.  Will update you guys with more info on some changes a bit later, but in the meantime, here is an outfit.  I wore this one to a playdate with friends (champagne Monday, if you will, while taking advantage of the holiday earlier this week).

I’ll be back in force next week.  :)

purple jeans, lace shirt, beige jacket, wedge sandals

Shirt – Love21 (Size M, same), Jacket – Ricki’s (Size 8, similar-ish, similar), Pants – Gap (Size 6, same), Shoes – Marc Fisher (Size 7.5, same but brown, similar, similar), Ostrich tote – Target (same – only in stores), necklaces – old/heirloom.  Sunglasses – stolen from hubs.

PS – do you like my neighbour’s dandelion crop?  hehe.  I could be all arrogant, but the truth is, my lawn is just as bad, except we try to mow more often.

I also have to show you my new pants (you’ll notice it’s actually the same outfit as in the lilac jeans post….just with different pants.  I’m part of a great group of women from all across the country; we came together because we were all expecting around the same time (April 2012) and in the ensuing 18+ months we’ve known each other, we’ve become quite close.  Aside from babies, we’re always chatting about clothing. One of the members spotted these cute 7s at a thrift store, and figured that even though they didn’t fit her, they’d probably fit someone in the group, so she shared them, and then sent them off to my friends and I (there are three of us who are like stairsteps, in terms of size….just an inch or two apart).

travelling pants - part 1

I was the lucky winner of the $10 pair of travelling pants and I’m super stoked!  They fit great, and are a fabulous deal.  I just need to get a bit of a hem done, because I’m a shortie.  :)

And the litmus test of any pair of jeans, the butt.

travelling pants - part 2


Don’t mind the various child paraphernalia…..I really should be a neater about taking pics inside.

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